Waabec’s telephone classes focus on developing language skills through the fine tuning of the students listening and speaking skills on the telephone.

Our courses are tailored to meet your specific needs and class length ranges from 15-60 minute classes, depending on what best replicates the students everyday business environment and what matches their individual needs. Students will have the opportunity to role play real situations with their teachers as well as practice general English fluency and accuracy whilst discussing other issues.

A tailored class example:

(Student phones teacher at a pre-determined time 07:00-20:00)
30 minutes

0-5       Catch up and general chat (Breaking the ice)
5-10     Revision of last lesson vocabulary
10-20   Discussing market trends and current affairs (Focus on reading/speaking and listening)
20-30  Feedback regarding homework (from previous week)

This is currently one of our biggest selling services largely due to the fact that it offers a flexible, practical and less time consuming approach to language learning. With the ever increasing demand for telephone conferences, as opposed to face to face meetings, and the intensity of workloads, telephone classes can fit in nicely with your schedule, whilst offering you the ideal platform to solve an existing problem.

We have an experienced team of trainers with a variety of expertise. The environment we create brings confidence through practice with experienced teachers from all over the English speaking world.

We also have years of experience preparing student for the following exams:


The main aim of this learning format is to focus on the development of writing skills with a strong focus on accuracy. Writing, although a passive skill, is a clear indicator of grammar and in-depth knowledge of English, thus our sessions target these areas through a range of activities and exercises sent through email.

Each student is designated a teacher who has been specifically trained by Waabec and is responsible for planning material and constructive feedback. Students have the opportunity to practice writing, both in work and non work related contexts.